The Most Romantic Country Venue.

Acton Scott Estate offers various idyllic and romantic venues for your marriage celebrations. 

There are three principle venues:

Henley Farmhouse: Marquee

A marquee on the lawn of Henley Farmhouse allows for generous capacity in a most picturesque setting: the pitch site comfortably allows a marquee to seat 200 at tables with room for a dance floor and bar. The adjacent proximity of the marquee area to the farmhouse enhances the ease with which the virtues of this site can be enjoyed.

In addition to engaging our lawn for the citing of large marquees, gazeebos, portaloos, generators and other amenities, you can also ask us to make the neighbouring field available to you so that your guests can benefit from the extensive additional parking that allows. The parking area utilises an excellently well drained piece of land and is most conveniently located for your guests. The full grounds fee for these things is £1000, although for more restricted permissions that fee can be as low as £300.

Shooting Lodge
It is sometimes also possible to put up two or three smaller marquees (to seat perhaps 100) at another property, the Shooting Lodge. Should you find that Henley Farmhouse is occupied on your desired date you may wish to enquire about the availability of the Shooting Lodge as a site for marquees.

The Shooting Lodge further benefits from its own elegant and arcadian banquetting room / drawing room which could itself be specially refurnished for the occasion of your event to seat 20 to 30 people at tables.

Village Hall

Acton Scott Village Hall would make a delightful and supremely affordable venue for your wedding.

The hall seats a maximum number of 60 people seated at tables. Tables and chairs are available for this number. The hall can accommodate 100 for dancing (with reduced seating capacity at tables).

Music and dancing is permitted 8pm to 1am.

For fees and more information please click here. For all enquiries and bookings CONCERNING THE VILLAGE HALL (only) please contact Edward Jones on telephone 01694 781 260 or email to [email protected]


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